Monday, October 22, 2007

Football: life would be boring without it

Last week was an exciting one in Husker football. On Monday the athletic director was fired (with a nice multi-million dollar severance package to fall back on). On Tuesday, the university announced that Tom Osborne had agreed to come back as interim athletic director -- woohoo! He won back to back national football championships in his last two years as a coach, served in Congress, and is now back at UNL.

Then on Saturday we lost to Texas Tech. That makes the season 4-4. We're not even bowl eligible yet. Sigh.

The good news is that Purdue won and is now 6-2 for the season! We were at the game with our dear friends the Jollys. They'd flown out for the weekend, and I've decided they are good luck charms. Now I have to figure out how to get them to Lincoln for a game before the Huskers' season completely implodes!

And I know I mentioned this before, but Tony Dungy's book is amazing. If you haven't read it and like football even the tiniest bit, I really encourage you to get the book. It is fantastic. And there are tidbits from the book I am pulling out in all kinds of conversations. Winning. Adoption. Dealing with a child's death. God directing careers. Choices you'd like to redo. Being able to look back and see God's hand in the decisions you've made. Excellent book!

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Rick said...

Since you're a Husker fan you'd probably like (rather love) my most recent post.


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