Wednesday, October 03, 2007

CFBA Tour: Trophy Wives Club

Let me state up front I love Kristin Billerbeck's books. I have yet to be disappointed by one of her books. Instead, I am often challenged as I laugh my way through the pages.

The Trophy Wives Club is a great addition to her list of books, yet filled with twists.

As the title suggests, this book deals with some serious issues: divorce, unmet expectations, disappointment, and legalistic Christians. I was very curious to see how Kristin would apply her brand of humor to these topics and was not disappointed.

Brief Synopsis

Haley Cutler finds herself locked out of her home after her husband throws her suitcases on the porch. She's been a trophy wife for seven years and has forgotten who she is independent of her marriage. Now she has to discover that quickly. And with the help of the Trophy Wives Club she may just be able to do that.

Haley was a character I could relate to even though I've never been a trophy wife or been divorced. She's something of a klutz, and even though she's lived through a horrible circumstance, she's a fighter. She's also a fundamentally nice person, who wants to figure out how to move on. Because of her new divorce, she's lost all of her friends. Because of her marriage, she's not very connected to her family. But when she follows up on a flier give to her by her husband's attorney, she finds a group of women who will help her through her transition whether she thinks she needs it or not.

The book has some of the standards you'd expect in chick lit. There's the talk about shoes that I'll never own, brand names I've never heard of, and lifestyles I can’t quite imagine but enjoy peeking into. But the fundamental questions, I can relate to all too well. What do we do when life disappoints? How do we handle rejection? How do we foster the dreams that have been dormant for years? And how do we reach out and trust again after being horribly hurt?

The Trophy Wives Club forms a rich backdrop of characters who highlight Haley's growth. And the changes she experiences are realistic - - for the most part. Haley grows into her own identity and watching that progression was a lot of fun.

If you are looking for a fun chick lit read, with underlying layers of richness, pick this book up. You won't be disappointed.

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