Monday, October 08, 2007

A Purpose for Everything?

Ever wonder how God could have a purpose for you? Then take heart...

For years doctors have thought the appendix had no function in the body. I can remember in high school talking about the organs that scientists used to think were unimportant, but that we now know serve a purpose. About the only things left on the unknown list were the appendix and wisdom teeth. Now, I don't know that I'll every understand wisdom teeth! Ouch!

But researchers at Duke have hypothesized a purpose for the appendix. USAToday carried a great article on the research. According to their theories, the appendix serves as a back-up system for the good bacteria that our bodies need.

Personally, I find this fascinating. If you believe that God created life and humans like I do, then you know there has to be a purpose for everything. And I love the way He slowly reveals it over time. Each year He peels back another layer, yet the mysteries of the world are still limitless. He is so much bigger than we could ever imagine and His creation is amazing.

Even something as small and unimportant looking as the appendix as a divine purpose. And if God cared enough to make sure that even that tiny organ had a special job, then He certainly will do the same for you. All you have to do is read Jeremiah 29:11 to see that.

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