Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Learning Styles

I know they’re important, especially now that I’m teaching my kids at home. It’s right up there with love language. I need to learn how to speak to and teach my kids in a way that is easy for them to grasp.

So how do you figure out a child’s learning style? Take me for instance. Okay, so I’m not 12 anymore, but I had to laugh when I took a learning style test. I answered yes to both of these stsatements “I need to hear instructions” and “I need to read instructions.” Now those two options are supposed to be mutually exclusive, but for me they aren’t.

I take voracious notes when sitting in a lecture or listening to a sermon. I always remember twice as much that way. But just reading or just listening isn’t as effective. I need to interact with the material both ways. So me thinks I’m visual with auditory leanings. Then I look at another test and think maybe I’m a kinesthetic learner. Yikes!

Then there’s my daughter. I’m trying, really I am, to figure out how she learns best. She’s almost a fluent reader, but at this point 90% of what we do is auditory, because I’m still reading aloud to her. So I have to quiz her to see what she absorbed. Fortunately, she’s got a quick mind and good recall. But when it comes to math, I often have to visually demonstrate principles to her.

So what’s a parent to do? How have you learned to work with your child/children’s learning styles to make them successful in the classroom and life? For an interesting summary on learning styles, check out this page. And here’s a great chart from Cynthia Tobias to use with your child’s teacher.

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Crystal Laine Miller said...

I took a Learning Theories class in my masters (that I didn't finish) and presented a paper, as well as did a lot of study/teaching in this area. I am fascinated by this area.

Cara, it is possible that you utilize all modes of learning. My husband and one son does. Either you naturally do this, or you have learned to accomodate/acclimate.

I adore Cynthia Tobias and have all of her books. She is still relevant and it's good you are using her information to work with your children. It is sometimes difficult to figure out a child's modes/best learning styles at a young age, but you are her best teacher--you figure out your child better than anyone, in my opinion.

This is one of my favorite topics and if I had the time and money (and didn't have 3 kids in college) I would've gone on to get a degree in ed psych with this specialization.


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