Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

1) College Football is in full swing. The Huskers beat their opponent solidly this week! WOOHOO, and are still in the top 25 -- hey, #25 counts! Eric, the kids and I went to the Purdue--Notre Dame game on Saturday. The first half was awesome. I think the score was 21-0. Gotta love that. Then Notre Dame came to life in the second half, but Purdue still won. Have I mentioned how much I love college football!

2) Kim Woodhouse's family is going to be on Extreme Home Makeover! She's an ACFW member in Colorado, and it's been fun to watch this process. To learn more about this family, click here.

3) Did you know the Michigan government shut down for four hours last night? Craziness. Governments continue to get more bloated, and the two houses had to pass two tax increases in the wee hours of the morning. It was interesting to read this article and see what parts of government were shut down and what were deemed important enough to stay open.

4) Ever been to North Carolina? That looks like the setting for my next series of books. I'll tell you more as we get further into negotiations, but I am so excited about this series. And about the setting. The kids are excited because it means more trips back to Highlands hopefully!

Like the title says....random musings. :-)

1 comment:

Sarah/Robert said...

Yay! More trips to Highlands! That's what I like to talk about.


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