Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another Passion

Yesterday I sent in a requested three-book proposal. I now have 3 proposals out there for a total of 5+ books. Please pray that God would open the right doors at the right time, and give me lots of wisdom as I'm in a waiting period. There are still many things I can do now to prepare for when those contracts come

I took last night off to scrapbook with a friend. I love to scrapbook, but being me, tend to do everything a bit overboard. So instead of having a family album, I have that, plus separate albums for each child. When they head off to college, they'll each have 4-5 albums filled with memories of growing up. Abigail already has 3 and she's just 7! It felt great to get the family album caught up through 2005. I'm sad it's that far behind, but I'm catching up. :-) And enjoyed the chance to be creative in that fashion.

I'm also reading some non-fiction. I don't take as much time for pure fun reading of non-fiction as I'd like. I'm reading Man O'War -- if I had the book in front of me I'd tell you the author. It is really well written. It tells a complex story in a way that keeps me turning the pages. In honor of reading that I watched the first half of Seabiscuit while scrapping. I LOVE that movie. They did a masterful job of translating a complex book onto the screen. Laura Hildreth did a wonderful job with the book, and I love the features at the end of the movie. Those often tend to be my favorite part as I get a behind the scenes look at why the producers and directors chose to do things the way they did.

I've always loved horses. Wouldn't be surprised if sometime I have a series set around a horse farm or race track. I've also got a book on Secretariat that I'll dive into next. I so love the step back in time! And when you had amazing thoroughbreds to the mix, it's just about perfect!

So what are some of your passions?


Tina said...

My daughter loves horses. I am thinking of letting her learn to ride in a few years. We are certainly in the place for it! Good luck on your proposals. I have three with my agent I'm waiting to hear on. It's stressful!

Rachel said...

Other passions? Thoroughbred horse racing!!!!!!!! I'm SO glad I'm going to be home this year to watch ALL of the Derby prep races and get a feel for the field. And then I can watch ALL of the summer races and the Breeder's Cup prep races. I'm in horse heaven! And I won't be working on Breeder's Cup Day either, like I was last year.

I took my mom with me to see Seabiscuit when it came out. Gary Stevens is my favorite jockey and I was thrilled with how well he acted in the movie. For a jockey, lol. It was just so well done all around and perfectly cast. Have you seen the Shirley Temple one? Total fiction, but still very good. Uses the actual match race footage. Worth having just for that.

Horses pop up in some way in everything I write. Especially in my contemporary stuff. And Russia pops up in pretty much everything too.


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