Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Reviews Up

I have been amazed at the kind things people have said about Canteen Dreams. This book really seems to resonate with people, and I can't tell you how much that means to me as an author. Today, I received notice of two more. Kim Sawyer, a historical author whose books I love, featured me in her newsletter. Here's a taste of her review..."I take great pleasure in introducing you to new authors, and today's introduction is no exception. Through the American Christian Fiction Writers, I met a young woman named Cara Putman. It was a joy witnessing her receive her very first contract at the 2006 conference...."

You can read the rest of Kim's review here.

Then in this month's edition of the ACFW ezine Afictionado I found a review for Canteen Dreams. Now, technically, I oversee the ezine, but the team of editors is so wonderful all I do most months is put together an email that goes to ACFW members letting them know the ezine is now available. So imagine my surprise, when I'm clicking through the pages and find a review on my book.

Here's a little of what Lacy Williams had to say about Canteen Dreams. "Canteen Dreams, Putman’s debut novel, lands the reader in a unique and well-defined setting. The author never uses too much detail that would bog down the reader’s eye, yet in each setting the reader can feel the harsh Nebraska wind or smell the perpetual coffee brewing at the canteen. As a famous literary character would say: the setting was just right...."

Click here to read the rest of Lacy's review.

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Tina said...

When is my copy of Canteen Dreams going to arrive. Oh when, Oh when, the gods of Amazon! LOL.

Really, I wish they would hurry up and send it. Can't wait to read it!


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