Thursday, January 24, 2008

Follow-up Simple Suppers

We're all busy. And the way things keep running, that won't change anytime soon. And the stress in life keeps building. As a result, I'm always looking for a way to cut corners or remove some stress from my life.

Two weeks ago, I used my friend Heather Corbin's sample menus at Simple Family Suppers. Gut-reaction: I loved it and signed up for three months. Why did I love it?

  1. Shopping was a snap. The grocery list was simple, organized, and easy-to-use. It was easy to go through the list and mark off what I already had. It took the pain out of shopping. And Eric can tell you how much I HATE grocery shopping.
  2. The menus are SIMPLE. Most took fewer than five steps to complete, several even fewer. In most cases prep time was less than ten minutes. My idea of a good time!
  3. Several of the recipes could be cooked in the Crockpot or in the stove. So if I was organized, I could throw it together in the morning or early afternoon, and not think about it again until supper time. LOVE that.
  4. My family ate all of the meals. That's a winner right now. Several of these types of plans that I've looked at before had fish, pork, etc. in each week's menu. I hate fish, and we don't eat a ton of pork. There are a few pork recipes in the January set of menus, but they continue to be recipes we would eat.
  5. I didn't stress -- all week -- about what to make. Usually, it's 5 o'clock and I suddenly start to panic. What do I have in the house? What can I make? What sounds good? Etc.
So I signed on. We've already used another week of recipes, and those recipes are getting thumbs up from my family on a routine basis. So if you're a busy mom like me, I think you'll find this service one that can remove some stress from your life.

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