Friday, January 25, 2008

Chill Out, Josey Review

In the sequel to Everything’s Coming Up Josey, Josey’s just gotten married and is ready to launch into the adventure of a lifetime: figuring out how to make a marriage work by living up to the Proverbs 31 standard.

Josey is in her classic state: I’ll-fix-the-world-and-surpass-them-all. Not because she wants to or is particularly equipped to do it, but because if she doesn’t she’ll feel like a failure. But life soon intrudes. Her husband gets fired – and doesn’t tell her --, interviews for a job – in Russia – and doesn’t tell her until it’s time to make a decision. And then there’s that thing that Josey can’t find the right time to mention.

Josey isn’t thrilled to be going back to Russia, until she decides she can be the perfect helper to Chase and help him learn how to get around and thrive in Russia.

Then they arrive in Russia. Nothing is like Josey anticipated. And as the months drag on she has to learn how to be a supportive wife when all she wants to do is head home. Josey has to battle her fears as she fights to find her place. I think many of us can relate to that reality. Marriage is hard work, because it involves two very different people. But, as this book illustrates, it's worth the heart ache and hard work to fight through.

This book is poignant with a great voice that I've come to expect from Susan May Warren. You’re left rooting for Josey even as your heart aches as she wanders through that difficult first year of marriage. The setting is vibrant, as you’d expect from an author who specializes in setting.

This book is a delightful read. I highly recommend it for your reading pleasure.

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