Tuesday, January 08, 2008

CFBA Tour: Happily Even After

Looking for a book that looks at married love with a touch of sass? Then Happily Even After is the book for you! Marilynn Griffith’s latest release, this book is an honest and hilarious look at the challenges of maintaining love in marriage while establishing some badly needed boundaries.

The latest installment in the Sassy Sistahood, this book focuses on Tracey. Married a little over a year to a busy executive with a six-month old baby and career to balance, Tracey’s feeling a little lost. Where did she go when all these changes came into her life. She reacts in real, though less than perfect ways, to her husband who seems to value his mom more than her. Then there are the ladies at the new church she’s attending who all seem to want to mold her into their image. And don’t get her started on her mother-in-law.

This book is written with so much heart that I laughed, cried, groaned, and smiled my way through it. The characters change and evolve as the book develops. Each is unique, and yet each of the women in the church reflected a stereotype that we easily fall into. As the characters develop, Marilynn sprinkles deep truths in to the mix, but in a way that it doesn’t slow the pace of the book down at all.

The book is also layered with conflict. Everywhere Tracey turns something else is happening. And she maneuvers as best she can, struggling to find a way to walk through the challenges with her husband.

While part of a series, this book does a great job of standing on its own. You don’t need to read the others to understand what is happening here.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read another by Marilynn.

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Tina said...

This sounds like a great book. I have to admit I have never read her, but this novel sounds very compelling.


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