Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Supper Ideas anyone?

I hate menu planning. I hate grocery shopping. Both seem to suck the energy out of me. So I was thrilled when my good friend Heather Corbin put together a program for moms like me. I'm doing the free trial this week, and will sign up for her service after that. It made grocery shopping a snap, the meals are easy to prepare, and for once I don't have to worry about what to make when 5 o'clock rolls around. Her website is ultra easy to use, so be sure to check it out...here's Heather:


It is 5 o'clock.... what is for supper? This is the stress I want to eliminate from our lives! We lead busy lives and the stress of facing a hungry family every night can be frustrating. We stare into the fridge and pantry and hope something will just jump out.... we need food and we need it now! Having a menu plan, all the simple recipes and the shopping list to go with it gets rid of this "what is for supper?" question! YIKES!! That takes a lot of time and effort!!!! I just want someone to tell me what to make and what I need... then I can cook it!

Well, this is what inspired me to create www.SimpleFamilySupper.com
My name is Heather Corbin, I am a wife and mother of 4 children. We have a busy life and I was tired of the stress of supper. I realized that having my menu planned and having all the ingredients on hand took away a ton of stress from my day. I was trained by the best: a mom and two grandmothers (farm wives that cooked for large families) that took the time to teach me how to cook and prepare delicious food that is easy to prepare and budget friendly. When I consistently took the time to plan the menu and shopping list life went much smoother. I know if having a plan helps me so much then it will help you. I can't be alone in dealing with a hungry family every night!

Simple Family Supper is the answer to the daily "what is for supper?" question. Simple Family Supper provides a family friendly menu with the easy (no cooking school needed) recipes and the shopping list to go with it so you won't have to make any last minute trips to the grocery store. The menu utilizes what I call "efficient" and "fast track" cooking that will save you lots of time and money.... who has tons of time to spend in the kitchen and we could all use help saving money at the grocery store. (please see the attached flyer for more info)

Please visit www.SimpleFamilySupper.com today! Give the menu a try... Free trial week available!! For only $5 per month you will eliminate the "What is for supper?" stress from your life!

Have a wonderful day,


Anonymous said...

wow...it looks really nice.....but what if people in the family have allergies?? or if they try to stay away from certain foods??

like my mom's allergic to tomatoes,
and cause of madcow we're avoiding beef alltogether......

that's really my only question
other then that it looks awesome!

Tina said...

This is a great idea!

Crystal Laine Miller said...

This is a fabulous idea, especially since I hate to grocery shop and hate to plan meals. But mainly I hate it because I have cooked for 6 or more (sometimes the supper table had 10...or more) and they all were picky! I have 100 cookbooks. Seriously! But I was told one evening that I no longer could fix "surprises." I now fix SG. SG is "something good." Boring. ha

I am tempted to sign up just for reading. Sigh. The thing is I have all of these cookbooks and I do like to read food magazines and the cookbooks, so it would feed my addiction!


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