Friday, August 15, 2008

Awesome Article

Read this article on Nastia Liukin and her dad. I dare you not to cry. I cried when Nastia amd Shawn pulled off 1-2 -- not so much for the medals -- but watching their relief and emotions. The stuff of dreams -- and the relief on Shawn's face when she finished her power packed floor routine -- WOW!


Leslie said...

I was crying too at midnight last night.

I'm exhausted today, but it was worth it!

bigguysmama said...

Oh Cara, your passion for the Olympics is fantastic. The article was a sweet one, but I didn't cry. I haven't had the chance to watch the Olympics, mostly the gymnastics, like I have in other years. Because of that I haven't gotten emotionally connected to the girls.

I have had the chance to watch Phelps, and that's been amazing. I am a total pooper, but I think that the conditions of the pool and suits have helped a lot of these men with the WRs. I think if Spitz were swimming now, where he was at back in the 70's, he'd be breaking records, too. Phelps IS an amazing athlete, don't get me wrong. His training regimine is intense and how God created his body is nothing short of miraculous. Hope I'm not stirring the pot. :o)

Mimi B


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