Monday, August 18, 2008

Merciless by Robin Parrish



Robin Parrish

The world as we know it has ENDED.
DEATH and CHAOS creep across the globe and only the POWERLESS can RISE UP to stop it.

But can anything stop the onslaught of the DARKWORLD

From the earth's depths crawls a figure with skin like granite, flames for eyes, and the face of Grant Borrows.
Oblivion has arrived.

Every clock around the world has stopped. Time has frozen.

The Secretum have fulfilled the prophecy, unleashing on earth the most powerful being to walk the earth in thousands of years. His name is Oblivion and his touch is death.

He can't be slowed.
He can't be stopped.
And he can't be killed.

But as long as any live who trust in hope and love and freedom, the fight is not over.

They have only one chance before he brings forth the Darkworld.

Oblivion is: Merciless

"Robin Parrish is the kind of writer who understands how to entertain from the word go. His stories are sure to shape fiction for years to come."
~TED DEKKER, author of ADAM

If you would like to read the first chapter of Merciless, go HERE

Cara here: I'm in Dayton, Ohio, today researching my next World War Two series, and Merciless is sitting at home. I meant to bring it with me -- oops! However, Eric and I both can't wait to read this book since we enjoyed the first two. This series is a high concept one that has to be read in order. If you have not read the first two, do not start with this one. Go back and read the first two. But if you want to get a sense of the series, read the first chapter. Think comic book superheros come to life -- in a book.

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