Friday, August 08, 2008

Beach Dreams Review

Beach Dreams is Trish Perry's latest book. Up front, there are a couple things you need to know. First, this cover is TOTALLY different from her first two. The reason: she's finishing Sally John's Beach House series. Hence, the title is Beach Dreams. Second, this book is Tiffany and Jeremy's story, but the style is a bit different, I think in large part because Trish was finishing someone else's story.

Last year at ACFW, Trish told me she had been asked to turn her next book into the last book of another author's story. I wasn't sure how that would work...but it does.

The cover threw me -- I guess I forgot in the intervening months...and was expecting another brightly colored cover. But the characters were the same ones I'd loved (or hated) in Trish's first two books. Tiffany has changed in only good ways. And Jeremy is as lovable as always.

Here's part of the back cover: "Tiffany LeBoeuf has a problem. She's lost her job, her mother has recently passed away, and she has zero social life. And then she meets Jeremy. But Tiff is a new Christian and knows she shouldn't be attracted to this unbelieving (but charming) Brit. And then there's Eve...Jeremy's girlfriend..."

This book travels to San Diego where Tiffany goes to relax with her dad, and Eve goes to hang out with a friend. When Jeremy shows up to surprise Eve, the surprises pile up.

Tiffany wrestles with how to live her new faith, and constantly turns to Ren (from Too Good to Be True) for advice.

There were glimpses of the humor that I love in Trish's other books, and the spiritual thread was relevant and non-preachy, another element I love in her books. The supporting cast is great...filled with characters you'd love to meet and spend time with in real life. And the ending was a fitting wrap up to Trish's series.

So don't let the cover throw you. This is still a Trish Perry book that you'll enjoy from the first page to the end.

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