Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Women's Gymnastics

Wow! What a night. What a heartbreaker, but what performances. I love women's gymnastics and my heart broke for Alicia Sacramone when she fell. She takes the blame for a silver -- good night, people -- we got a SILVER !!!! but for any of you tempted to let her take the blame, you've got to watch this piece by Johnny R as he calls himself now, John Rothlisberger for those of us who watched him in a couple of his own Olympics. The math might be a tad off, but the principles the same. Even if she'd been absolutely perfect, we would have won silver. And let's face it. Silver is HUGE. Yes, gold is better, but I've always been partial to silver. LOL and those floor routines from the Chinese were so fun to watch. What a chance for them to play it up for the home crowd. Wow! It was a competition, and it's not over yet! Here's a summary of the event.

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