Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Searching for Spice Review

Megan DiMaria's debut novel Searching for Spice is a fun switch from the typical books I read. It was one I savored instead of racing through. Here's a synopsis:

Linda Revere longs to have a sizzling affair ... with her husband -- a practical, no-nonsense community college science teacher. Unfortunately, life isn't scripted, and nothing goes according to plan. From having a demanding boss and at times a frustrating job to helping her family and friends with their troubles, life seems to be preventing Linda from achieving her goal of an exciting and passionate marriage. Linda hopes God will answer her prayers to jazz up her marriage, but is she ready for what happens next.

What I loved about this book is that even though I'm not getting ready to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary -- yet -- I could relate to the desire to add a little sizzle to my marriage. I think we all hit those times where we'd like to make a good thing even better. And who hasn't seen their efforts backfire before watching God take care of it in a way that's far better than anything you could have planned?

And Linda's life is full of challenges just as she gets her plan in action. The struggles are real. And the triumphs are all the sweeter for living through the valleys. With this book I'd laugh, and then ten pages later be convicted that maybe I tended to act like Linda when confronted with troubles. I love it when a book makes me think even as I enjoy and savor it.

While this isn't the normal book I would pick up, I can tell you that I can't wait to read Megan's next book!

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