Friday, August 22, 2008

Presidential Forum

If you missed the Saddleback Forum last weekend like we did, here's your chance to catch up on it. I found this website that allows you to watch the forum and decide for yourself. I've been reading the Faith of Barack Obama

You can read the introduction by clicking on the read button.

Something I've really struggled with this year is the seeming need to demonize a candidate based on his religion. This book had a great chapter on The Four Faces of Faith. It helped get a perspective on John McCain. If anyone wants the first 48 pages, email me. I have them somewhere in my inbox and permission to forward them. I'll post more complete thoughts about the book next week. Let me put it this way -- it's been very eye opening and thought provoking.

Brandilyn Collins has some great insights on her blog. I agree with what she says and Rick Warren that it's time to be able to discuss religion without taking things to an extreme.

Anyway, after watching the forum, I'm finally getting excited about this campaign. Our friend David Jolly told us last October that John McCain was who we should get behind, and I honestly thought he was crazy. After listening to this forum, I'm ready to get involved and do my part. What an interesting political cycle.


Pam Meyers said...

I totally agree, Cara! I watched the forum on an Internet site this week as I was reading The Faith of Barack Obama and with both resources, I am convince more than ever that every person of voting age needs to see that forum.

Hearing John McCain speak on that forum away from sound bytes and press conferences, has convinced me more than ever that he is the man this country needs.

Just this morning the headlines are reading that Joe Biden is Obama's choice of a running mate. Read left wing liberal all the way.

Americans are going to be given two very clear choices. Not similar choices, but different choices.

We need to make sure people are educated.

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

I found you on writer interupted. Thanks for this information- I live overseas so don't have access to the media, but heard about the Saddleback forum.

Personally, I am not thrilled about either one of the candidates. But I certainly know what kind of judges Obama will appoint and what kind McCain will appoint, and for me, that does it.


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