Thursday, August 07, 2008


So yesterday morning I was feeling pretty good. I've gotten some good writing chunks in, feeling on track. I know what I have to write each week to hit my deadlines, and pretty much hit them the first week.

No sense of panic. Just a sense of deliberate "have to run this race to the end" kind of feeling.

I worked on ACFW conference projects in the little pockets of time over the afternoon, so that I could jump into writing when we got home from church. Then it was 11:15, and my baby was still crying and I hadn't written one word.


I have to trust God that He will help me redeem every moment as I race to these deadlines. That He will help me do everything I need to for the ACFW conference. That somehow I'll get everything done in a way that pleases Him and brings Him glory.

As I stare at my keyboard and begin to feel the pressure build again, I know I have to trust Him. And if you feel inclined to pray that He will help me focus on the truly important things and let the others go, I'd so appreciate it. He's been so abundantly faithful. Now it's my turn.

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More than Survival said...

Heavenly Father, I lift up Cara to you in Jesus' name! I pray peace into her right now!!!!! Father, give productivity to every minute she has to write... give her strength to not only get it all done, but to also enjoy life. You are the ultimate creator of all things and you have an incredible plan and purpose for her life!!!! Give her courage to make the decisions she needs to make!!!!!


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