Monday, October 06, 2008

Fun Photos from the Booksigning

Saturday's booksigning at Carpenter's Son was such fun. Here are a few of the pictures from the event. This first photo is me with my friend Ann. She's my scrapbooking buddy. Often when Eric is traveling we'll get together to watch chick flicks and scrap. And amazingly, she never laughed when I told her I was considering writing. I've been so blessed to have people support this crazy dream :-)

This is the amazing group of authors who participated. Rebecca and I are on the left. Continuing from left to right: Rick Barry (he also writes World War Two novels, my dear friend Colleen Coble, Robin Jones Gunn who traveled from Oregon!, Jamie Carie, and Neta and Dave Jackson who came from Chicago-land. We had a great time -- It's always fun to hang out with other writers.

After everyone else had to leave Colleen, her husband Dave, and another IN ACFW chapter member Tonya went to Starbucks for coffee and conversation. It was wonderful!
And here's a picture of Robin, Colleen, and me. I met Robin at the ACFW conference last year, but got to know her a bit more in Orlando this summer at the Chi Libris retreat. She's one of those women who shines with Jesus.

And y'all know how very special Colleen is to me. We were talking about the fact that it was at a booksigning in April 2005 that we met. At that moment God told me to take this dream and run. Well, I have and I'm still trying to keep up with Him. And Colleen continues to be a huge part of that. And even if I stopped writing tomorrow (don't worry, I have no plans to), having her as a friend will be something I treasure from this journey.

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