Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fun Story about Canteen Dreams!

There are plenty of days I wonder if I'm doing enough marketing, and usually decide I'm not. I know many of you feel the same way, so I just had to share this.

My mom asked me if she could put an article in the North Platte Telegraph about Canteen Dreams finaling in the ACFW Book of the Year. Ummm, sure! Especially since she wrote the press release :-) The paper ran it without a change-- even the part about the book being available at the local small Christian bookstore. Ran my webpage header as the photo. Cool!

But that's not the awesome part. The NP librarian saw the article and decided to go into Bible Supplies to get two copies of my book. Six dollars. Cool that she wanted to have the local (hey- my family still lives there)author's novel about a local historical piece in the library. She and the bookstore owner started talking about other books. She walked out with two copies of at least Canteen Dreams. But she also walked out with $1500 dollars in other Christian books!!!!!!! A mix of fiction and parenting books and the like. But how amazingly cool is that!!!!! She doesn't shop there as a general rule, but what a huge sale for them. What great exposure for the books.

And she likes it because Christian books get returned unlike others -- :-)

And this store is thrilled because my local story is drawing in lots of people who don't normally shop there. They're on the third box of a hundred. And this is a TINY store.

Now I've told Mom to go check out those books so that the library will get more :-)

Isn't God fun!


Jonah said...

Don't you love how lazy newspapers are?

That's a great story!

Jessica said...

That's fantastic! I wish my local library would do that! It's sooo hard to find good christian fiction at libraries nowdays, and what they do have is always checked out... :( :) hmmm maybe I'll move to NP... no no no WAY too cold! :)


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