Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Out of Her Hands Review

Out of Her Hands is Megan DiMaria's second release. I thoroughly enjoyed Searching for Spice, and this book is a wonderful follow-up.

Linda Revere is back and this time her focus is her kids. Nick is up to something, but no one's sure what. And Emma is within months of leaving for college. Life is changing, and Linda's not comfortable with everything being out of her hands.

This book had me chuckling through out because I felt like I was walking through the challenges with Linda. How to handle the girlfriend that doesn't fit what she'd prayed for Nick? What about office gossip? Then there's dealing with her father-in-law's special friend. Her life is layered with challenges -- and I could so relate to that. No matter how hard I try to simplify, there's always something more going on -- and who like that out of control feeling?

While Linda is at a different spot in life with kids that are older than mine, I love this series. Megan has a great writing style and a wonderful sense of humor that comes through loud and clear. And the cover once again is awesome!

This is a great book, and I encourage you to pick it up if you're looking for real life characters with real life issues that become best friends.

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lynnrush said...

I read this one too! She's a great writer.


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