Monday, November 24, 2008

Reasons I'm Thankful: Day One

Three beautiful gifts from heaven and the knowledge that another waits in heaven for us. I have been blessed with smart, beautiful, fun-loving children. Kids who push me, challenge me, love me -- even when I have to spend time writing and on other projects. I can't imagine my life without them and am so grateful that God has entrusted them to us.


More than Survival said...

What a FANTASTIC picture... one you will always look back at and TREASURE!!!!!!!!! You do have wonderful kids!! Enjoy them!

Sabrina L. Fox said...

Wow, from the distance of the picture, Abigail looks just like you. What a beautiful picture. And yes, children are such a treasure. =)

Avily Jerome said...

That's a great reason to be thankful!

I have three little treasures of my own, so I understand both the joys and trials that come with them!

Thanks for sharing the pic!


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