Monday, September 21, 2009

Are We Dreaming Big Enough

This year's ACFW conference is over. In fact as I type this I sit in the Denver airport waiting for my fight. Have to redeem the time because -- well -- I'm me :-)

I've got much to share, but today I'm going to focus on dreams. Throughout the conference the recurring theme was to dream bigger. From Debbie Macomber who did a wonderful job encouraging and challenging us to the continuing session for published authors to private appointments with editors and my agent -- the message I got loud and clear was to stop and dream.

Sometimes I become so focused on tasks and completing them that I forget to stop and dream. Or to slow down and allow myself the freedom to ask God what He has planned.

At some point I'll need to begin to focus my writing. I received excellent advice since I still can't identify my deeper passion -- ask God what He's planted in me. Isn't that good! So hold me accountable. There's much to share. More to come.

But for now, dig out a journal or card and list ten dreams that seem too impossible to accomplish and then give God room to move.


More than Survival said...

Thanks for this reminder.... dreaming often gets lost in the quest to accomplish the 'to do' list!! I do have some dreams... need to dust them off!! I also need to remind myself often of the dreams I am living out. I HAD dreams that are now reality! Being thankful for them, enjoying them and celebrating them is important. I do really appreciate this reminder.

One of my long ago dreams was living 'way out' in the country and having the garden (check), orchard (planted), animals (pigs are now in the freezer), KIDS (got 4 of those), chickens (check) and QUIET! (well, as much quiet is possible with all the above) :) Celebrating dreams lived out!!!

Anyway, also wanted to let you know that I ordered new baby chicks to replace my old flock (that I got rid of a month ago). They are coming in this week.... Let me know if you would like to bring the kids out to see them. I would be happy to watch the kids again for you!! Nate would love some playmates since the rest of them are off to school all day.

Edna said...

Seems like all of you had a great time at the conference, I have read about it and seem pictures all over the blogs. So glad for all of you.


Crystal Laine Miller said...

During the conference I was feeling very sorry for myself. All through it I was thinking, "I'm never going to get farther than I am now and all these years I've wasted."

So, I just started praying for all of you at conference--and I admit, I have my favored people who were there...:)

I would look in at Twitter and Facebook, pray and I saw your post and immediately prayed for you. Anyway, I keep hearing all of these wonderful reports and it has made me feel as if I fought on the front lines for many of my friends at ACFW.

I didn't feel physically better--on Sunday I ached in my joints so severely, I could hardly move. Do dream, Cara. You are mighty and strong and your dreams are awesome. God has many things left for you to do!


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