Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fearless: ready to tackle life?

The last couple weeks I've read Max Lucado's latest release Fearless. My husband first introuduced me to Max's books long before we were married. Eric worked at a Christian bookstore while in college and thought I would enjoy his book. I can't remember what the first one I read was titled, but I enjoy his storytelling, direct mail kind of writing. Max may not consider that a complement -- but it really is. It means his writing is clear, easy to understand and connects with my heart.

Fearless has been no exception. If you'd asked me a couple months ago if I feared anything, I probably would have said no. But the last months have emphasized at least one area in my life where I fight fear. And then I received this book.

Now I need to note that I'm not reading this book slowly because it's a dull read. Instead, I'm savoring it. Trying to pull the principles from it rather than rush through it. It's probably why I read so much fiction, because I naturally slow-down when I get a thought provoking book. And that's exactly what Fearless is.

First, Max talks about Fear and why we're afraid. Then he launches into chapters that identify each fear. So many of them resonated with me:
  • Fear of not mattering: be honest -- haven't you felt this too? That no matter what you do and how you impact things nobody will notice or it won't matter in the end?
  • Fear of disappointing God: this is such a big one for me. What if I do everything I know to do for God and it's not enough? Talk about a lie straight from the pit!
  • Fear of not protecting my kids: We live in a scary world. Need I say more?
  • Fear of What's Next
  • Fear of Life's Final Moments
  • And several more
  • But here's one of my favorites: fear of God getting outside my box. Oh, isn't that good. Shouldn't we all beg God to do just that. In fact I've prayed for Him to break down the boxes I place Him in and then cringe as I fear what that will actually look like and what it will mean in my life. So incredibly silly.

Here's one excerpt from the book that will give you a flavor for the full text. Enjoy!

The Decaffeinated Life
If only we could order life the way we order gourmet coffee. Wouldn’t you love to mix and match the ingredients of your future?
“Give me a tall, extra-hot cup of adventure, cut the dangers, with two shots of good health.”
“A decaf brew of longevity, please, with a sprinkle of fertility. Go heavy on the agility and cut the
“I’ll have a pleasure mocha with extra stirrings of indulgence. Make sure it’s consequence free.”
“I’ll go with a grande happy-latte, with a dollop of love sprinkled with Caribbean retirement.”
Take me to that coffee shop. Too bad it doesn’t exist. Truth is, life often hands us a concoction entirely different from the one we requested. Ever feel as though the barista-from-above called your name and handed you a cup of unwanted stress?
“Joe Jones, enjoy your early retirement. Looks as if it comes with marital problems and inflation.”
“Mary Adams, you wanted four years of university education, then kids. You’ll be having kids first.
Congratulations on your pregnancy.”
“A hot cup of job transfer six months before your daughter’s graduation, Susie. Would you like some patience with that?”
Life comes caffeinated with surprises. Modifications. Transitions. Alterations. You move down the ladder, out of the house, over for the new guy, up through the system. All this moving. Some changes welcome, others not. And in those rare seasons when you think the world has settled down, watch out. One seventy-seven-year-old recently told a friend of mine, “I’ve had a good life. I am enjoying my life now, and I am looking forward to the future.” Two weeks later a tornado ripped through the region, taking the lives of his son, daughter-in-law, grandson, and daughter-in-law’s mother. We just don’t know, do we? On our list of fears, the fear of what’s next demands a prominent position. We might request a decaffeinated life, but we don’t get it.

There's a great website that goes with the book, be sure to check it out here.

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Carmen7351 said...

Such a great book. Everyone should read it. It applies to almost every fear I can think of.


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