Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bits & Pieces

You may not have seen this. On Easter, USAToday online ran a story about one consequence of international adoptions. Children who are adopted by Americans sometimes leave siblings behind, and right now there really isn't a mechanism in place to even allow visitation.

And the Vonage trial. If you like your phone service through the Internet, especially Vonage, then you may have been following the case. The case involves a dispute between Verizon and Vonage regarding patents. It is in front of the Honorable Claude Hilton, a US district court judge in the Eastern District of Virginia. In March a jury found that Vonage had infringed on three of Verizon's patents. Last Friday Judge Hilton decided Vonage could only provide service to its existing clients during the appeal. Vonage's attorney was quoted in a USAToday article as stating that the company could be out of business within three years if it wasn't allowed to continue adding new clients during an appeal. And Vonage did some creative lawyering by going straight to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals to get an emergency stay on the order that Judge Hilton isn't going to sign until April 12. That's unusual maneuvering, because a court of appeals generally can't stay an order that hasn't been entered yet. This will be an interesting case to follow!

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