Monday, April 16, 2007

Travel Tales

This weekend we logged 979 miles on the car. That's a lot of time in the car.

Highlights so far:
  • Abigail lost a tooth last night: She took this one out herself. She had lots of time to twist that tooth while she sat in the backseat.
  • We joined 55,000 of our closest friends at the Nebraska football spring scrimmage. It was the first time some of my nieces and nephews had attended. I'm afraid they thought it was boring, but, hey, tickets were about $100 cheaper :-)
  • We attended church this morning at Lincoln Berean -- it was their second weekend in the new auditorium, and it's fantastic. Our friend Jim Lange was the structural engineer involved with the construction. They had a lunch after the service for those who had worked on the construction, and we got to meet the pastor who oversaw the project. Eric jumped right in to pick his mind since our church is getting ready to launch another building campaign.
I'm looking forward to spending time researching the second and third books in the Nebraska Dreams series. That will add a lot more miles to the trip, but I can't wait to see the locations. There is nothing like seeing the actual sites to get me itching to write those books.


Anonymous said...

Hurray Abigail! Way to get a tooth out...
Cara, I will have to show you the shadow box I made with a few of the teeth and the stories of Keenan's 'lost teeth'.
This would be a tooth that would have made it to that box....

Hope you had a good time on the road...and that the break gave you some refreshing as well!


Lena Nelson Dooley said...


This isn't about your blog. You won a book on my blog, and didn't contact me with your mailing address. Would sure love to get it, so we can send the book out.


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