Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Random Musings?

I made several stops on the Carnival of Christian Writers last night. There were some great blog posts, but I found this one over at Cause of Our Joy fascinating. The author shares some of what she learned in a meeting with Walden Media. Interesting note on the role of blogs in spreading the word, too.

Tonight I'll be in Fort Wayne for a presentation my editors are making at Taylor University. It will be great to get to know them better, and spend time with some other writer buddies.

Have you ever noticed how God will bring the right people alongside you to encourage you at just the right moments. Nothing is worse than the feeling that no one understands you and that they might not even be trying. I think the enemy of our souls delights in making us feel cut off from others. It's in that isolation that we can lose our bearings and forget what we believe, where we are headed, where our passion lies.

So I delight in the friendships God has blessed me with in this writing journey. They are one of the unexpected and most precious parts of the path.

I guess it takes one to understand one. How many other people can apprecite the talking heads that waltz around my mind? I have to admit, there is still something very strange about sitting down to interview a character.

Now that I'm back from Nebraska, I have less than two weeks until the mini-marathon. Woohoo! The insanity is almost behind me. And it's time to get to work on the class I'll teach at Purdue starting the middle of May and revising Double Image. Then starting Sandhill Dreams. And finishing that legal thriller proposal. Good news is that my agent likes the new direction...could you hear the sigh of relief?!?!

Like I said, some random musings for your Tuesday morning.

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Leticia said...

Cara, I share your amazement at how God brings the right people at the right moment into our lives to accomplish what could only be His plan. I started blogging only 7 months ago, and already I'm surrounded by helpful new friends, and exciting opportunities to serve Christ as a writer.


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