Thursday, April 26, 2007

Split Ends by Kristin Billerbeck

I just finished Split Ends. And I'm kind of sad.

Two days ago Split Ends, the latest book from the fabulous Kristin Billerbeck, arrived in my mailbox. I have learned that any book by Kristin is going to be a treat, so even though I had tons to do, I inhaled that book. This in between 360 miles in the car, attending a lecture my Barbour editors gave at Taylor University, and lunch with a bunch of ACFW Indiana members in Fort Wayne.

Sarah Claire has the opportunity to remake her life. She just didn't realize what was going to be involved when she left Sable, Wyoming for an exclusive Beverly Hills salon. The journey reminded me of bits of my move from North Platte, Nebraska to Washington, DC. Culture shock. Beautiful people. Fish out of water. Fortunately, I wasn't ordered to have things like blue peels done. I have no idea what that is but boy does it sound painful!

Sarah has an abundant stash of emotional baggage that's accompanied her to Hollywood. Add a stylist who won't let her do more than clean toilets and empty trash, a cousin who's being over-protective, a mother who can't leave her alone, a best friend who's quite possibly lost her mind, and men suddenly taking notice of her, and Sarah's no longer sure where her life is headed. Then she gets the opportunity to break out and has to decide what really matters to her.

Kristin has a gift for creating characters that I care deeply about. I can always see pieces of me in them – and Sarah Claire was no exception. Sometimes her struggles reminded me a bit too much of me. But because of the humor and faith, I enjoyed the challenge to my perceptions.

This book explores the depths of Sarah's issues and needs while maintaining Kristin's trademark humor and color. I loved this book and am really sad to see it end.

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