Wednesday, April 04, 2007

CFBA Tour and Review: In High Places

I have noticed a growing trend in the books Bethany is releasing. It is no longer the home of just Janette Oke and prairie romances. In High Places falls into the group of books that I would call targeted at men, but one that I enjoyed immensely.

The first thing I enjoyed about this book was the richness of Morrisey's writing. Each word is carefully strung to the next one. None seem wasted or extraneous. Instead, the combination paints a vibrant picture of rock climbing, the emotions of fear and exhilaration, and the beauty of creation.

This book is told in the first person through the eyes of Patrick Nolan, a sixteen year old in the 1970s whose passion is rock climbing with his parents. One weekend Patrick and his father conquer climbs around Seneca Rock only to come home and find their worlds forever changed.

While they were gone, Patrick's mother committed suicide. The balance of the book tells of the ways that Patrick deals with his grief while watching over his father. They escape to Seneca Falls in an attempt to outrun their grief and find answers in the only place they know…climbing the rocks.

Morrisey’s artistry with the English language left me so engrossed in the book, I could feel the wind blowing in my face as I tried to figure out where the next handhold was going to be. I could feel my muscles tighten from fatigue and overuse, and then feel the glory of reaching the top and knowing victory.

I also felt the depth of grief and the journey out of it. This book is rich, deep and well worth the investment of time.

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