Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday

It's the beginning of the most important weekend for those of us who serve Christ. Really for the whole world. This weekend we remember the incredible sacrifices that Jesus made when He left His heavenly home and came to earth. The Son of God, now also the Son of Man. Wholly God and wholly man. Only God could do that.

Thirty-three years later He makes the supreme gift when He chooses to die for each of us. I am still humbled each time I think about the reality that He would have died for just me or just you. But he did. His disciples and followers must have been so confused.

But three days later He rose. You see, anyone could die. But only God could conquer death and come back to life. And with death He conquered everything. Our sins. Sickness. Strongholds in our lives.

So this Easter weekend, even as you celebrate with eggs and bunnies, don't forget that the real reason for this celebration is that Jesus came and died that we could have eternal life with Him.

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Rodney Olsen said...

Great post. It's so easy to lose the true meaning of Easter amidst the hype and commercialism.

That sacrifice 2000 years ago is too much to take in. one day we will all know exactly what it means for each one of us as we face Jesus. I pray that many more will see him on that day as saviour rather than as judge.


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