Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Another take on book signings

Check out this For Better or For Worse cartoon for an author's perspective on book signings!

And I saw this cartoon on Tina Forkner's blog. Isn't it a hoot!

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Pam Meyers said...

I love For Better or Worse. Always have. The storyline on Michael's book deal though was truly fantasy LOL. Rarely, if at all, does someone sell a first novel like that. No agent, no query first, no waiting more than a week or two, and published within a couple months. Oh if it really happened that way and we novelists didn't have to endure the months and months of waiting. First to make that first sale and then to see our baby in print!

You'll have to go back over the archives of several months to put it all together since Lynn is now blending past strips with current ones. Her week of strips most recently about Michael and his writing and the book signing were priceless.


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