Friday, December 21, 2007

God is an Encourager

God is an encourager.

Have you ever noticed that?

Right about the time I'm convinced I'm writing drivel, that I can't hear from Him anymore, that surely this is the worst thing I've ever done, He sends encouragement from unexpected places. This morning (Friday) I opened my email to a most encouraging note...from a completely unexpected place.

The woman who wrote it -- I know who she is, but I truly don't think she knows who I least not in any real way. We write for the same house, but haven't really crossed paths. Yet the note she sent me was jam-packed with encouragement. Right when I needed it most. The kind that makes me think maybe I am ready for the next step God seems to be preparing for me.

And earlier this week I gave one of my first readers the first 110 pages of Captive Dreams. I know Canteen Dreams is a great's the story of my heart. And while it could always be better, readers have really connected with it in a way that is blowing me away. And I really like Sandhill Dreams and how it turned out. I love the historical backdrop and the struggles I've forced the characters into. My first readers and editors have loved it, too. Always a good sign...the rest of y'all have to wait until May.

Captive Dreams has been harder. Almost felt like a job at times, as I struggle to locate the historical details that make the time come alive to me and hopefully, by extension, to the reader.

So I've struggled with this story. I even warned Sue she might not like it. Instead, she returns it a day later asking for more. Now the pages are lined with notes, so I know Sue actually read it carefully, and she's still in love with the characters and story. Wooh!

Me, I'm too close to it. I know everything I want to add and change. Yet the core of the story is working. And I desperately needed to know that as I race toward deadline.

So this morning, I am so incredibly thankful that God saw my deep need to know that I was on the right track. That I haven't missed Him. That He is pleased. And this week He sent two of His servants to convey that message in terms I cannot ignore.


Timothy Fish said...

I would agree with that. Just the other day I had a lady e-mail me because her book club had chosen Searching for Mom to discuss at this month's meeting. Few things are more encouraging than having a perfect stranger tell you how much they enjoy your work.

Crystal Laine Miller said...

I gave our bus driver a stack of books for Christmas because she loves historical fiction. She lives on an historical farm (generations of her family,) still farming, and is president of the local historical club. Your book was in that stack! Can't wait to hear what she thinks. She is quite outspoken.

Anyway, stay encouraged as you are supposed to write. Use that energy!

Heather said...

Our God is soooo faithful. He never leaves us alone without sending his help!!!
Have a Merry Christmas!

Rachel Hauck said...

Ah, God is good. I have a basket full of writing testimonies from this year - a hard year - but one that drew me into Him.

The books get harder. They just do. But hang in there. You'll get better and realize your strength and weaknesses, and learn how to plow through them.

I needed encouragement too when I found sites naming three of my books top reads for '07.

Then, a grade on Sweet Caroline froma tough reviewer - B. So, God knows what we need, when we need it.

Hugs to you, Cara! Blessings on your writing today and until that puppy is done and turned in!

Love, Rachel


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