Monday, December 10, 2007

Stepping back in time

Thursday I had the opportunity to speak to the Home Economics Guild in Indianapolis for their Christmas program. It was a blast! The event was held at the beautiful Meridian Hills Country Club in North Indianapolis. That place knows how to decorate for Christmas. It was amazing!! If I didn't already have my Christmas decorations up, I would have been inspired.

Roseanna Grayson invited me months ago after learning about Canteen Dreams via my husband -- he's an amazing marketer for me. :-)

I was delighted to have my mother-in-law accompany me. She has been an amazing support to me as I write. It was wonderful to get to thank her for all she does in a public way.

I focused on the and the early days of World War Two. I guess my passion came out as I started talking about what happened and contrasted it to Thursday's events in Omaha. While I love speaking -- I got an A in college speech, even after only preparing one speech and ad-libbing the rest --, I honestly had the most fun as some of the attendees began to share their World War Two memories.

It was wonderful to hear one woman share about the shoe rationing, another delighted to know where her family dog had likely been sent for War Dog training, another tell about delivering tomatoes with her father to a plant here in Indiana that had prisoners of wars working. That was one of her earliest memories since she accompanied him as a 3 and 4 year old.

To hear their delight in sharing those stories was wonderful. And best yet, I have a few leads on Indiana World War Two stories now. Anyone know any from Ohio?

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