Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What's your color?

So now that the tile is in (and looks great!), the next step is painting. That will happen in January hopefully. My friend, Crystal Miller, had this on her blog, so I tried it. Here's what it suggested:

You Should Paint Your Room Green

Natural and balance, green can bring both calm and growth to your life.

Your green room will promote a more spiritual and peaceful outlook.

Green rooms are perfect for meditation, yoga, or just day dreaming.

Hmmm, NEVER NEVER NEVER thought of myself as a green girl. Two of the walls in the room right now are Blueberry Muffin. I like that color a lot and will probably stick with it. Interesting none the less.


Crystal Laine Miller said...

I think blueberry muffin sounds yummy! Maybe you could have touches of green with plants!

I have a lot of green in my house, but frankly, I'm not crazy about it--or I'm tired of it. I'd like to repaint my front door, and the dining room/front room--both green.

Currently, most of my house is painted in Copper Haze. I like that quite alot. I like redecorating and I'd move furniture around if it weren't so heavy.

Janna said...

Hmm, I was thinking of the dining room when I answered the questions and it told me red - ironically, we painted 3 walls cream and 1 wall a really dramatic wine color so we were really close :-)



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