Friday, December 28, 2007

Article about Canteen Dreams

The North Platte Telegraph is running an interview with me today. You can check it out here. And today I will be on KNOP's noon show. That should be fun, especially since I worked there for about two years in college. I loved that job!

Here's a teaser on the article:
The actions taken by North Platte residents during World War II are almost as infamous of the war itself to the 6 million troops who passed through The Canteen en route to battle tyranny overseas.

To many of those soldiers, their stop in North Platte sits high among the many memories that fateful era in American history created. Some of those soldiers who fought heroically against Germany and Japan even referred to those citizens who manned The Canteen as heroes themselves.

Their story has been told, but not everyone knows of the act that defines, “random act of kindness.” Cara Catlett Putman, a North Platte native now living in Indiana with her husband and children, hopes to change that with her new book, “Canteen Dreams.”...

And tomorrow is the book-signing. Canteen Dreams has sold well in town - woohoo! So I can't wait to meet people who have read it or want to read it.

My dad has read it this week -- I never thought he would; it is a romance after all! But he paid me the nicest compliment. He said it left him wanting more. That is the dream of every author in my mind. You want the book to end and be satisfying, yet leave the readers wishing there were many more pages with those characters.

And for those of you who wonder the Dodgers were a football team, too, in 1941! It's not a typo :-)

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Eileen said...

Oh wonderful, Cara! I have goosebumps -- or as Russians put it *ants crawling on my arms* -- just reading your post and thinking what a splendid day - when *setting* intersects with *book and author* in real life! Congratulations! EE

From Russia with Love


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