Friday, December 14, 2007

Need a Stocking Stuffer?

If you're looking for a stocking stuffer, Canteen Dreams would make a great gift. To see some of the reviews, click here.

I'm pleased to report that you can purchase the book from Carpenter's Son in Lafayette, Indiana or Bible Supplies in North Platte, Nebraska. I know that Carpenter's Son will ship the book, and you can order it by calling or ordering online. If you're more in the midwest, you can reach Bible Supplies here. If you order through Carpenter's Son I can autograph the book, and if you order through Bible Supplies, don't forget the booksigning there on December 29th.

In the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, Audrey Stone wants to help in the war effort. But what's a young schoolteacher from Nebraska to do? When her community starts a canteen at the train station, Audrey finds her place. She spends nearly every spare moment there, offering food and kindness to the soldiers passing through. Despite her busyness, Audrey does allow some time to get to know a handsome rancher. Willard Johnson worries about his brother who joined the navy to get off the ranch and see the world. When Willard's worst fear is confirmed, he feels he must avenge by enlisting himself. But will his budding relationship with Audrey weather the storms of war? Or will one of the many soldiers at the canteen steal her away from him? Can two such determined people find their place in the war and with each other?

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