Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Last night we got eleven inches of snow! The snow started in the morning, then cleared in the afternoon. But by 5 p.m. it had started again and didn't stop until this morning. I was glued to the internet, watching the progress of the storm, and the estimates of total snow slowly ease up over the course of the day. This is one time that the local weather guys nailed it. Very impressed with their accuracy in an extremely inaccurate business. Hmmm, maybe one of my characters will be a meterologist someday. Nah, too much science involved :-)

Being a good mother, I hustled my kids out this morning to play in the snow. We'd picked up new snow shovels for them a week or so ago. They loved the chance to help Daddy move the snow around the driveway. Fortunately, this was the light snow that could be moved fairly easily. There was just a lot of it. But never fear...

The men who are tiling our kitchen, downstairs bath, pantry, hall closet, and entryway brought a snowblower with them. I think Eric's discovered the next "toy" that he wants. After shoveling snow for an hour, the guys pulled out the snowblower. Eric made short work of the rest of the driveway, the sidewalk and our neighbors' sidewalks. It was pretty fun watching the snow fly. If we had snow like this more often it could be worth owning a snowblower. But 17 inches in February and 11 inches today doesn't quite make it worth it, especially when most snows in the time we've lived here have been sporadic and less than 4 inches.

As I look out the window now, the snow is flying again. I can't tell if it's just blowing off the roofs or actually fresh snow.

Jessie, the escape dog, snapped her metal lead outside this morning and went scampering in the snow. Sigh. I guess we'll have to add a fence in the spring. I am so done chasing her. (The photo is from the first snow ten days ago. That 3ish inches melted in the rain before this snow. What a weird December!

And finally, here's the tile without grout. I really should have taken some before and during pictures. I thought of it. really I did. But what can I say, the camera battery was dead. It's amazing what a huge difference the tile makes. Really warms up the large space.


Vader's Mom said...

Wow! That's a lot of snow. I'm so glad we rarely see it here. I'm not very fond of it.

Tina said...

Wow. We get that much sometimes, but even the amount we have this year I don't believe we've had that much. How fun!

Crystal Laine Miller said...

We bought a snow blower and man, it was the most fun thing we've ever bought! LOL. We wondered why we waited so long to get one. You definitely want one if you're going to stay in Indiana! You and Eric will fight over who gets to clear the drive. ha

Love tiled floors. I had mine tiled a few years ago and love it and wish that I had taken it into the front room. Looks good! If you have kids and dogs, tile is the way to go!

Snow days. My 16-year-old didn't have school today. We live on a back road so it wasn't clear like the rest of the roads. Good thing we have 4-wheel drive.

M. C. Pearson said...

I'm so jealous! All we got was a frezbie full of ice.

I finally have your link on the member list at FIRST! Sorry it took so long. :-O

Eileen said...

Nice, nice! Something about a layer of fresh snow - pristine, pure, so beautiful. (Snow here where I live too!)Fun photos with kids and snowblower and dog and all. Tile is beautiful. The first photo has me puzzled though - a cardboard box? It's significance is lost on me...I need some enlightenment! =) EE


Cara Putman said...

The first picture shows the tip of the ruler poking out of the snow. :-)

Eileen said...

Oh Cara, I would LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT to have a copy of Canteen Dreams! I do have a US (Dallas) mailing address so that will work. I'll be in touch at the email address you provided. Oh I'm just SO EXCITED! Thanks so much! (Would you please autograph it for me?)

EE (


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