Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I walked into the library the other day

I love libraries. Have since the day I tried to read the entire biography section of the Seward, Nebraska library. I guess my love of history was fueled in those stacks picking through biographies of presidents, strong women -- especially Queen Victoria, Abigail Adams, Clara Barton, Florence Nightengale, etc. The Seward library fueled my ability to read more than a book a day for months at a time as a young preteen. Books like Trixie Beldon, Cherry Ames, Nancy Drew, etc.

Then the librarians knew me by name.

Now, librarians know me as Abigail and Jonathan's mom. Though that's changing.

My local paper did a quick profile of me a few weeks ago -- right before the big booksigning May 31st. It was a great article in the entertainment section with a photo. I'm learning how many people read that section -- including librarians.

Our favorite children's librarian -- Polly -- was telling me that she'd read the article and then bought Deadly Exposure. It was such fun to get her take on the plot. That just happened to be the day I was walking out with a stack of books I'd requested holds on. A DVD on the Mind of the Serial Killer. A DVD on Finding a Serial Arsonist. Books on arson investigations and the forensics of fire. Forensics and Fiction. The poor librarian who checked me out must have really wondered where my mind was.

Polly got it. She asked -- Arson in your next book?

Yep, my next Love Inspired Suspense. Tricia Jamison is back and butting heads with a firefighter. I'm in the research stage -- and in a twisted way -- loving it.

And no, the serial killer information is simply global research...filed away for someday in the future. Maybe. As one columnist said recently, there are more books about serial killers than actual serial killers.


bigguysmama said...

Cara, that is so funny about the librarian and you checking out your "resources". I'm sure I would've been ready to call the authorities to get you on a "watch" list! hahahaha

In Him,
Mimi B

Leslie said...

Cara - I knew I should have asked you about Trixie Belden when you said you loved Nancy Drew.


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