Thursday, July 17, 2008

Love Starts with Elle Trailer

This made me smile. I loved the book, but this is the first time I've got to meet the star of a book I enjoyed. Go get this book, folks!

What do you like in book trailers? What makes you want to go buy a book? I'm still trying to decide whether to make them for my books...but this one is the cleverest I've seen so far. Ah, to know an animator!

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Timothy Fish said...

I like the idea of book trailers, but most fall short of reaching their goal, which has to be to convince readers that they want to read the book. The trailer in this post is entertaining and if it wasn't for the poor sound quality, it would seem like a professional video. As a trailer it falls short because it gives me no reason to go out and buy the book. A book trailer should tell the reader why she can expect while reading the book. This trailer comes across as pretentious by dropping Opra's name and talking about how many stars some reviewer gave it. Then, if that isn't enough, it talks about how much money the author expects to make. All this trailer tells us about the book is that it is a love story that involves El who has a broken relationship with Jeremiah then meets Heath and then Jeremiah comes back. Change the names and it could be one of many other books. A good trailer while show us what is different about this book, what makes it special and why we want to read the book.


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