Thursday, July 24, 2008

A true love story

Earlier this week one of my writing friends finished her race and graduated to heaven. I didn't know Kristy Dykes well, but you couldn't be part of ACFW without being touched by her wit, grace, beauty and incredible love for Jesus.

I still remember when she posted to the loop last November that they'd found a large tumor in her brain and she was in for the fight of her life. She and her husband fought well...but we didn't get the answer we wanted. She's pain free and dancing in heaven now, but it's another reminder that we don't always get the answer to prayer that we want. But God still answered.

Hundreds and thousands of people prayed for Kristy. She went to the special healing services. She sought God and felt the shelter of His peace in the midst of an amazing story. And she and Milton blogged her story.

Those blog posts from Milton over the last six months have to be some of the most beautiful expressions of the love they shared. One thing that many people have shared this week is the overwhelming in-loveness Kristy and Milton always had. It came through so beautifully as he shared his heart about his bride, and she'd blog about her hero.

Tuesday he posted a beautiful blog about Kristy's last moments on earth. Go read it and you'll see how even though our prayers weren't answered the way we wanted, Jesus won. And so did Kristy.

Please keep Milton, her daughters and the rest of their family in your prayers.

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