Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wind River CFBA Tour

Wind River is the latest book by Tom Morrisey. Eric and I have been fighting over who gets to read this book first. The result, neither of us has yet LOL. I brought it with me to Orlando, but didn't get a chance to read it on the plane. It looks wonderful -- and if it's anything like In High Places, I'm sure it will be a wonderfully written novel.

Since I didn't review it here's my sister Janna's review from her blog. Be sure to stop by her blog and comment to win a copy of this book!

Janna's REVIEW:
This book was different from most that I have read lately - it's not chicklit, action, young adult, fantasy/sci-fi, comedy - in fact it took awhile for me to figure out what it would be classified as. Personally I would rank it as drama/mystery. It is a touching story of Ty who goes back to Wyoming where he spent much of his childhood fishing with Soren, a grandpa type to him. He made a promise when he was young to one day bring Soren back when he was too old to come himself. The time has now come to fulfill that promise and so Ty heads back to the mountains of Wyoming for one last trip.

You know from the beginning that Ty needs to exercise his demons from Iraq and that eventually we will find out what exactly happened to him that has disconnected him from his wife and made him miserable. What we don't really know is that Soren has some demons to exercise too and that is where the book gets really interesting. And just when we figure all that out we realize that someone else needs to get something off their chest too... And through all of it one thing shines clearly - no matter what has happened in our past, it's not too big for Jesus to forgive. I cried toward the end, but felt a strange relief as the book finished that everything was right with the world.

It was a good book and I will give away my copy of it so if you would like to be entered then leave a comment with your email address (all entries without one are disqualified) and tell me if you have ever been fishing and who you usually went with... Good luck!

Here are the details:

You Can't Outrun the Sins of Your Past

Desperate to forget what happened to him in Iraq, Tyler Perkins flees to the emptiness of Wyoming. He's here to escape and also to fulfill a long-ago promise by accompanying his 86-year-old friend Soren Andeman on a fly-fishing trip--once more for old time's sake. But their trek to an idyllic trout lake soon becomes something more deeply harrowing--a journey that uncovers long-held lies, deadly crimes, and the buried secrets of the past.

Ty barely has time to contemplate the question of what constitutes justice when nature unleashes her own revenge. Trapped in a race back to safety, he must face his own guilt-ridden past or risk being consumed.

Powerfully imagined by the acclaimed author of In High Places, Wind River is an engaging wilderness adventure that explores the power of confession, the beauty of forgiveness, and the freedom of truth unveiled.

If you would like to read the first chapter, go HERE.

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Tom Morrisey said...

I hate to see marital discord over my books, Cara. Swing by the Baker booth (#759) when I am signing between 2:30 and 3:30 on Tuesday and I will give you another copy, okay?


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