Monday, July 14, 2008

Orlando Living

Since THursday I've been in Orlando with Rebecca attending a writer's retreat. Now, I'd love to have photos to post, but what did I forget? Yep, my camera!

Ever have times in your life where you look around and think: Wow, God, I'm not sure why I'm here, but thanks so much for the opportunity! That's been the last 3 1/2 days for me. I mean, I got picked up at the airport by Wanda Dyson! If you haven't read Wanda's suspense, you really should! I am so excited about her new series. She's going to have bounty hunters in it. Talk about outside the typical box in Christian fiction :-)

Sharon Hinck, Wanda, Rebecca and I crammed all of our luggage and us into a Sebring convertible. That was worthy of a photo!

Last night I brainstormed Robin Caroll's next book with her for hours. It's always fun to come up with ways to create all kinds of havoc in characters' lives. She started out worried her plot was dead; nope, an hour later it was alive and kicking. There is such a synergy when authors get together (even over the phone) and kick around ideas.

I was nervous. Seriously. about coming. I mean, I really don't belong yet. I've got books out, more coming, but the authors I was with are at another level. But they never treated me that way. And they were amazing with Rebecca. I really didn't need to worry about what they'd think when I showed up with a 2 month old. If anything, folks were disappointed that she cried when they held her. I've decided Karen Ball is the baby whisperer. That woman was amazing with Rebecca. Rebecca started looking for her -- seriously!

Today, I'll be at ICRS -- so excited! I'm not signing books, but I get to take in the atmosphere and support friends. But I will leave Orlando with a long line of new friends, having deepened other friendships and rested.

Now to get home and write the books I'm contracted to write!

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