Saturday, July 26, 2008

Let this soak into your spirit

Sarah Brenner, a very dear family friend (her oldest daughter and I have been dear friends since we were two), sent the link to this song earlier today. Play this song and let it soak into the very depths of your spirit. Then click on this link, to watch the video of the story behind the song. Be prepared for God's presence to sweep into the room. All I can say is "Yes, Lord. Nothing is impossible for You!" Quickly followed by, "Do not pass us by! I beg You, do not pass us by."

Praying God's presence and His healing will wash over you in waves of refreshing.

The song is written by Mike Guglielmucci, worship team is Hillsong's out of Australia, and the album is distributed by Integrity Music. If you're looking for fresh worship, we love Integrity's Vertical line-up and are actually getting ready to resubscribe.

1 comment:

Sarah/Robert said...

I knew you'd love it! Now lots more people will be absolutely blessed and "swept," as you aptly put it.


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