Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Battery and New Life

Last week I bit the bullet.

Eric can tell you how incredibly conservative I am when it comes to spending money. I hate to spend money over a certain threshold. But last week I had to.

My laptop battery has consistently tanked over the last six months. When I got the computer a couple years ago, it had this awesome 4 hour battery life. Last week, I literally had less than 13 minutes from taking the plug out to the computer shutting down.

You should have seen me shuffling chairs to get access to a socket at gymnastics. I felt tethered -- and not to a lifeline.

But I HATED the thought of spending the money Dell wanted for a replacement battery -- especially when all the reviews stunk. If I'm shelling out that kind of moolah, I want to know it's going to work.

Last week I was desperate, so Eric found a local place, where I got a battery for half the price Dell wanted -- still more than I wanted to pay but much better. Now I have a new lease on life. Up to 5 -- read em -- 5 glorious hours cord free. YEAH!

Made me think about other areas of my life. Sometimes I have to be willing to make painful investments of time and money to get a charge. God has been dealing with me, convicting me that the relationship I have with Him isn't as deep and personal as He'd like. Frankly, I'd like more, too. But it will require an investment of more time. And time where I'm not checking off the box.

I want more. But I have to be willing to put more in. As I do, He is so faithful to draw near. To meet with me. To make the Bible come to life with fresh manna that I need today.

Praying God will help you plug into Him today!

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