Monday, September 08, 2008

Political Side Note

Couple thoughts as the presidential election picks up speed.

According to this article, Gallup polls indicate that Obama's post convention bounce in the numbers has been erased. Don't worry - -whichever side you're on -- it's historical that both candidates get 1 5-6 point bounce. But this race is heating up.

Also, Obama admitted this week he may have been too flip when saying determining when life begins is above his pay-grade. You can read the article here. I know that answer had a direct impact on my vote. Many issues are important. But life will always be the critical one to me. If we can't protect human life, much else doesn't matter.

And I found this article on Sarah Palin in the NY Times interesting.

It's going to be a fun two months! Have I mentioned I'm getting excited?


Georgiana said...

I love elections, and I find myself turning into a news junkie more and more.

Leslie said...

This is the first election that I've ever really cared about - I guess because 8 years ago, it was a no-brainer for me.

Its still a no-brainer, but now I'm excited and have just about had a permanent smile on my face since McCain made his announcement.


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