Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Minneapolis bound

Rebecca and I are boarding our plane today for our flight to Minneapolis. I land around 2:30, and head straight to the Mall of America for a site meeting. Then to the hotel so I can be ready to leave for dinner and a booksigning at the Maple Grove Northwestern Bookstore. Oh, yeah, we're leaving at 6. 

Thank goodness the board meeting tomorrow doesn't start till 10 a.m. I can sleep in -- if Rebecca lets me :-) Then in operating and advisory board meetings all day. And then the race really begins with the conference and Mall of America booksigning. 

If you think of it, pray for me. I've got a lot on my plate, but I love serving in this way. Please pray that travel goes smoothly for everyone and that the conference is a blessing to those who come. Also pray that the right people would be at the booksigning. Thousands would be great -- LOL -- but if I have one divine appointment I know the time and the hours and hours of effort will be worth it. 

And Saturday night at the awards banquet, Canteen Dreams is up as a finalist in the Book of the Year -- short historical category. :-)
If I don't post much the balance of the week, you know why! 

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