Sunday, September 21, 2008

Canteen Dreams Wins Book of the Year Category!!!!

I was going to add a lovely picture of my award, but that will have to wait. I thought I successfully downloaded Janna's pictures onto my computer, but can't find them anywhere so must have done something wrong.

Anyway, last night was the Awards banquet at the ACFW conference. It was so much fun to watch my friends win awards. In the first category, debut author, Robin Carrol placed second and Camy Tang won. Sushi for One is a wonderful book, so I am so pleased for Camy! Sharon Hinck won the sci-fi, allegory category with Restorer's Son which was a thrill to see. She is such a dear friend and fabulous writer!

We finally got to short historical -- I think it was the last category called! I was beginning to be afraid I would have to leave the banquet to take care of Rebecca before they'd reach my category. I didn't want to miss my category, or in the alternative, have someone think I was leaving because I was a poor sport!

There were six finalists in short historical, and they are all great writers, so I was incredibly honored simply to place. There was a corner of my heart that hoped I placed, but I knew that was a long shot. Ronie Kendig read off the third place winner Kelly Eileen Hake and then the second place winner Vickie McDonough. By then I was convinced I hadn't placed, and was ready to celebrate with whoever did. Then Ronie said, "The first line of the first - first place winner is "She hated attending dances alone. ..." I didn't hear another thing she said!!!!

My editor, JoAnne Simmons, met me on stage. I wish Eric could have been there to celebrate with me since I wouldn't be writing books now without his prodding and support. But my mom and sister were there. It was so fun to honor Mom for all the years of homeschooling in that way.

My friend Mary Connealy placed first as well. It is such an honor to share the award with her. She received the contract for that book in front of everyone at the 2005 conference. I remember thinking someday that could be me, and it was in 2006. How fun that we shared the award for best short historical!

Look for more about the conference this week. For now, I'm going to bed :-)


Camy Tang said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! I was SO happy you won! I loved Canteen Dreams so much! Congratulations!

Janna said...

We'll have to get those pictures to you again Cara so you can post them here - congrats again dear sister and I'm so glad Mom and I were there for you!


Jonah said...

That is so exciting! Congratulations!!!

Carpenters Son said...

your favorite bookstore is soooooo proud of you. We have a sign up showing customers that you won and what a great writer you are. Congratulations-you are AWESOME with a God given talent which you use for His glory.
Carpenters Son fan club

Malia Spencer said...

Awesome! Congratulations, Cara! This is great news. :)

More than Survival said...


Mary Connealy said...

Hey, Cara, we done good, huh????

LOL great moment.

Thanks for all your hard work at the conference. God bless you both, and your mom, too.

It was so nice to meet Janna, too.

Sarah/Robert said...

Cara! How awesome! I'm so proud of you (and your mom!)! How very special that Janna captured it on camera!


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