Sunday, September 07, 2008

Penny's Project

My friend Sharon Hinck's latest book Stepping Into Sunlight releases this month. You can learn more about the book and read the first chapter here, but I'll tell you what you think after I finish it. I started it this weekend when I had a few minutes to myself on the treadmill. It was delightful -- both the time jogging and the book.

But what I wanted to highlight today was a project Sharon has started that is challenging me. She's calling it Penny's Project. I'm calling it challenging. Penny, the main character in the book, makes a commitment to take small steps of kindness each day. And Sharon's blogging this month with ideas each day. I've pasted her first post below (with permission), but for more small steps of kindness, check out Penny’s Project blog, where people are sharing ideas and experiences.

September 1 - Kindness in An Email
I'll try to post an idea each day in September - our Penny's Project month.

If I don't keep up with a new one each day, I hope these will be supplemented by great ideas by all of you!!!

Please comment about small acts of kindness that you have done, or plan to do, or that have been gifted to you.

Day one, we're starting with something VERY easy. Not costly, not scary or difficult, no sacrifice required.

Send an email to someone whom God brings to mind.

Sounds like a tiny, not-highly-meaningful act. BUT there have been days that a loving, genuine, personal, encouraging note from a friend in my email box TOTALLY helped me through a dark day.

I'm NOT referring to jokes and cartoons and group emails that are forwarded around and clutter our boxes. I'm also not counting a friendly affirmation included along with a request. I mean a pure, personal, encouraging and kind note for no other purpose than to let someone know you care about them.

guide us to a name...then guide our words.
Help us pour out our love, support, and tender regard,
and hit "send" with a prayer on our lips for you to bless the friend who will receive our message. Amen.

Let me know how it goes!
And continue to invite your friends to visit this site and join us in Penny's Project - sharing a small step of kindness with a new person each day!


Don't you love Sharon's heart! I've sent several notes in the last 24 hours. What will you do to spread the light of Christ through kindness? Let's love on others just because God created them in His image.

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