Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The joys *and challenges* of writing

I learned wonderful news for a friend earlier this week. She's made it through pub board at a publishing house -- that means she's one half step away from a contract. This is HUGE news. FANTASTIC news.

And my humaness is showing.

I'm a wee bit green.

Make that Jolly Green Giant green.

I am so happy for her. But I would love to write for the same house. This is a great opportunity for her and I know she'll make the most of it and be a success for that house.

This is the part of writing I don't like as much. It shows me all over again how much of me there is still left to kill. Ugh. So until my day comes, I'm going to focus on how excited I am for her. And count down the days until her title is available :-)

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Sabrina L. Fox said...

Not one single person that knows you doubts your day will come. :) Look at the progress you've made in such a short time.

Like you're looking at this girl and her progress, you're the friend I look to when I want to be inspired. :)

Have a great time this week. Come back with lots of fun stories.


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