Monday, June 07, 2010

Stars in the Night

In three short weeks, Stars in the Night releases. Yipes!

I am so excited...and honestly, nervous. It's a big step forward for me. And I love the characters. And the plot. And oh, the time period. Hollywood in 1942. The US is only months into officially being engaged in World War II. Glamour. Glitz. Heroism. And a murder or two. What's not to like? Especially when you add in some romance.

Next week, I'll announce a contest related to the release of Stars in the Night. But you, oh faithful blog readers, can get a head start. There will about seven different ways you can enter. One is to facebook/My Space/Shoutlife your friends letting them know when the book releases. Another is to ask your library to order the book. Many libraries allow you to do this through their website. And a third is to preorder the book yourself. Barnes and Noble continues to have the best price, but CBD isn't far behind.

But most of all, I covet your prayers. Life is a tad crazy with the release of the book, teaching at Purdue, and starting a new book for Guidepost this week. Then there's the important jobs of taking care of my family and getting some homeschooling in this summer -- though that may have to wait until July. Please pray that I would continue to write the books God has for me, and that He would open doors. That the books would reach the people He had in mind.

Thank you!


Casey said...

YIPPEE!!!!! I seriously cannot wait for this book to be released. I got an Amazon giftcard and I know just how to spend it too!! ;)

You are almost always in my prayers and more so now, but don't forget to enjoy your summer too.

SO EXCITED...I just love that cover. :D

Mimi N said...

So excited for your newest release! I love the new header! Beautiful. Prayers going up for the family during this crazy time!


Julia M. Reffner said...

Congratulations, Cara! That must be so exciting! It is definitely on my summer read list, too. The cover girl is so glam and 40s looking.

I homeschool year round, too, or at least I'm planning to this summer. My daughter will be in Kindergarten in the Fall so we will finish our first year of homeschool this week. That's so wonderful that you homeschool with everything else on your plate.


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